Eve Online inspired tidbit

Fire. Blazing shades of red and orange lapping over the carcass of what was once a battleship. Smaller than the others in it’s fleet, and damn old…but stubborn and a nasty threat when it’s only pilot of 50 years sat in the captain’s chair. Ashes formed a thick blanket over the rocky, veldspar rich surface of an otherwise untouched planet. But only one body lay among the wreckage.
Standing at the bridge, the Captain was sure to hold his ship in the stars long enough for all passengers and crew to pile into their escape pods. Miraculously not one loss of life…none but his own.
This marked the last battle of Captain Marcus Virgil aboard the SaltMiner. Whose stories of daring stunts, defending countless rookies, and making many, MANY enemies in null sec would be told among generations…and gathered into a long and undoubtedly humorous legend.


I might expand on this little story when I can get more familiar with Eve.


Hello there, everyone!

My name is Viv and I humbly welcome you to my blog. I’ve always wanted to blog, though I haven’t really gotten serious about it until now after trying a variety of sites. This one seems the best, neatest, and easiest so far.

The content you should expect to see are drawings, Eve Online (Joined just recently), stories perhaps, how life is going, memes and general humor.

I hope all of you find something interesting during your visit! And to those who wish to remain, make yourselves at home 🙂