Working up and Working Out

It feels great to be a little more busy, but with something I enjoy. That doesn’t mean its all sunshine and dasies, I still get a bit frustrated at times, but that’s okay. I’ll manage to work things out and hopefully get some sort of order.
My typical day consists of waking at 6am to care for my niece until around 5:30, then do whatever chores that need to be done. I play Eve Online as well as draw during nap time(s) and the hours I am free in the afternoon.
For the past week I’ve managed to get motivated enough to do exercise (those who know me personally know thats just not my thing) and I’ve been doing more and more each day, which surprises me lol. And even better, the other day I was finally able to get good and healthy snacks to have between meals. Already my cravings for sweets and junk food have been curved significantly and at most I have a Kind granola bar, string cheese, and/or yogurt. (Not all at once of course) Hopefully I can go back to getting healthier meals soon, too.

In Eve, all I’ve done for the few months I’ve been playing is to join a corp (with the help of my boyfriend) and learn the basics of fighting as well as how to rat. I hope to take that next step, although timid, out of pve and into pvp. I still have a lot to learn, but so far its been a blast. Happy and glad to have joined the Eve community and I was surprised to be welcomed so warmly and by so many people.

As for art, its been a while. But even though I feel I might get stuck at times, I keep going and find that I get things done just as quick as I used to. -Puts on sunglasses- Still got it B)
The only difference from those years ago is that when something became difficult, I often lost the drive to do it. But this time I’m taking it seriously. Every project I take here online must and will be completed to the best of my ability. Because I want this to become something I do for life. Soon I need to look up tutorials for spots I’m lacking in, (eyebrows and foreheads for example) so if anyone has any advice or knows a good tutorial I can look at, a link to it would be very much appreciated. I hope to post the things I find along with my practices. So I can look back next new year and see all the things I’ve learned and how much I developed.

This year is the year of healing and transformation. And I hope it is for anyone else who needs a change as well. Keep strong! And for Eve users, Fly safe! o7



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