Purchase Art Commission

To purchase a commission, please contact me describing what you would like to purchase and there we will discuss what will be drawn and any references that are needed.

For eve content: please contact me with front and side view screenshots of your character and state how you would like them to pose. To do this, simply dock at your station and click the shirt icon (character customization) under Station Services.

After I have accepted the project, payment must be received before the work begins.

Eve content must be purchased with ISK as per part 11 of the Eve Online TOS.

Explicit sexual content will be refused.

Methods of Contact:
Gmail: Bibananomgwtfbbq@gmail.com OR Aliscinerion@gmail.com
Aol: Bibanan02@aim.com
Eve Online: Alis Cinerion
Reddit: Bibanan

Visit the Production Line page to see if commissions are open/closed, where you’re at on the list, and where I’m at with my work!

Now for the good stuff:

Sketches – $10 [Eve Content – 500,000,000 ISK]

Lineart – $20 [Eve Content – 1,000,000,000 ISK]

Flats and Basic Shading- $50 [Eve Content – 2,500,000,000 ISK]

Fully Detailed – $90 [Eve Content – 4,500,000,000 ISK]

Painted Busts – $100 [Eve Content – 5,000,000,000 ISK]

Traditional art
(These tend to take around 3+ months per project)
– Smaller than 14in x 17in – $100 [Eve Content – 5,000,000,000 ISK]

– 14in x 17in or larger – $200 [Eve Content – 10,000,000,000 ISK]

Eve Online Memes – 50,000,000 ISK
(Pics quickly thrown together with photoshop like memes often are)