Eve Online Portraits

Eve Online Portraits are currently 750,000,000 ISK per character.

To purchase a portrait, please contact me with front and side view screenshots of your character and state how you would like them to pose. To do this, simply dock at your station and click the shirt icon (character customization) under Station Services. After I have accepted the project, payment must be received before the work is started.

Eve Online content can only be purchased with ISK as per part 11 of the TOS. If there is something on the commissions page that you would prefer instead, please state so in your email and I will let you know that item’s price in ISK.

Methods of Contact:
Gmail: Bibananomgwtfbbq@gmail.com
Aol: Bibanan02@aim.com
Reddit: Bibanan

Visit the Production Line page to see where you’re at on the list and where I’m at with my work!

There will be free request days, so keep on the look out!